Saturday 23 September
Time: 21:00
Venue: Mill of Pappas, 2nd floor
Entrance fee: 2 euros


CHAT takes place in a stage environment, with the bodies of 2 dancers and exhibits the body and its image in an ideal miniature of the online universe. Within the virtual space of a chatroom, we select and curate the information that we will reveal. We use the tool of visual cropping to isolate the visual information we want to show and at the same time remove unwanted visual data.

Among the billions of information exchanged every day on the online universe, it is observed that the body image is a dominant stimulus. The users as modern Narcissists use our screens as mirrors, but also as virtual windows through which we see the “cropped” image of others.

It is a visual, dance work, where the image is in constant conversation with the dancers and the stage is transformed by a tool for cropping the body into a screen. The original musical composition, surrounds the work with sound and has been created exclusively with digital media. The projections, converse with the dancers creating familiar and unfamiliar images in the eye of the audience.



Direction, Choreography: Konstantinos Katsamakis
Performing: Konstantinos Katsamakis, Ioanna Palamidous
Video Mapping: Aliki Iosafat / visual artist
Music, Sound Design: Iraklis Dimitriadis, Giorgos Fotiadis / KOSNOST
Photography, Research: Artemis Pyrpili
Visual Design, Research, Consulting: Maita Chatziioannidou
Lighting: Eliza Alexandropoulou, Marietta Pavlaki
Graphic Design: Loopo studio
Art Direction: Konstantinos Katsamakis
Assistant Artistic Director: Artemis Pyrpili
Stage Design: Alexandros Katsamakis
Production: Konstantinos Katsamakis, KINOUME dance company

2023, 23.Sep.23, Performances