a Larissa
15 - 25/09/2022
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The 9th mill of performing arts is about COMPOSITION; interplays of people, artists and producers, collaborations between institutions and companies, creative synergies and interactions between artistic groups of different backgrounds and fields.

Program 2022

This year we have considered more than 200 applications and proposals from Greece and 28 countries around the globe. The program is been finalised and will be announced in the next few days. It will include 10 performances, 2 concerts, 14 screenings, 4 workshops and more.


Mill of Performing Arts supports and promotes accessibility and inclusivity in festivals, cultural life and the arts.


Opera Chaotique

17 September 2021

Media, web & social media

Photo contest

Awards to be announced

Transition into the light

1st MPArt.OS

19, 25, 26 Sep. 2021

Performing Arts on Screen

Don’t Touch me

17-26 September 2021

Milos Pappa

Ktistakis Concert

23 September 2021

Alexandros Ktistakis


18, 19, 23, 25 September

During the day


17 - 26 September

See whole program


Sunday, 26th September

10:00 h, Mill 2nd floor

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