Flutter by Vaso Giannakopoulou

a dance performance by the founder of Dalika Dance Theatre


Saturday 17/09

Date: 17/09/2022

Time: 21:00

Place: Kostas Tsianos Theatre

Entrance fee: 2 euros


Athens, today, now. A man’s house, his most intimate space, hosts, as a refuge of the urban bachelor myth, the expressions and aspects of his character, and reveals the ways and means of escape from his everyday life. 

The audience becomes a spectator of an intermediate space where the personal becomes public, bringing the man to the forefront, standing against the world, but more importantly against himself. 


Pre-sale: Connectiva, Venizelou 133, daily 10:00-13:00 and at the festival venues, 45 minutes before the start of each event

Information: 2410531778, 6947890412 



Conception – choreography: Vasso Giannakopoulou

Performance: Nontas Damopoulos 

Dramaturgy: Simos Patieridis 

Music-live electronics: Chrysanthos Christodoulou 

Lighting design: Tasos Paleoroutas 

Stage design: Kenny MacLellan 

Chair construction: Peter Syrigos

Photography: Christina Georgiadou Video 

Photography: Alekos & Christos Bourelias 

Graphic design: Yannis Baritakis 

Communication: Maria Konstantopoulou 

Production – Execution: Shared productions 


With the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports 2020-2021. The dance performance “Flutter” premiered in December 2021 at “BIOS”, 84 Pireos St., Athens.


A few words about Vasso Giannakopoulou:

Vasso Giannakopoulou was born in Athens. She studied dance at the dance school of D. Grigoriadou, at the State School of Orchestral Art (K.S.O.T.), and graduated from the Centre for Performing Arts. She devoted herself to the research of the human body and it was this that led her to her later studies on the Feldenkrais method. Since 1990, her dance career has been enriched by her participation in international productions and teaching contemporary dance. Her first choreographic work NightMiror (2003) took part in the Kalamata International Dance Festival and Athens Dance Festival. She founded together with the illuminator Tasos Paleoroutas the Dalika dance theatre (2004), her works “Digono”/”Dagon” (2004), “Fyllo kai ftero”/”Leaf and feather” (2005), “Pouthena”/”Nowhere” (2006), “Evgenis apodrasis”/”Noble Escapes” (2008), “I Maria pai sto potami”/”Maria goes to the river” (2010), “Pythonos 36″/”36 Pythonos Street” (2019), “Flutter” (2021) have been presented in international dance festivals in Greece and abroad. She worked in the choreographic team of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the opening ceremony of the Baku 2015 European Games under the artistic supervision and direction of D. Papaioannou. She was a founding member of the Dance Association with which they have carried out a series of actions, choreographic workshops, and performances at the International Dance Festival of Kalamata, Athens & Epidaurus Festival in theatres and events throughout Greece. She has supervised the movement in theatrical performances with directors among them: D. Xanthopoulos, D. Olbrychski, G. D. Olbrychski, D. D. Obrchysky, D. Mavraganis, N. Foskolou, etc.

17.Sep.22, 2022, Performances