Ice Away – GRÅTT




Friday 29 September
Time: 21:00
Venue: Mill of Pappas, Ballet Stage
Entrance: free


«Once, I crossed the atlantic ocean 4 times in 10 days. I woke up, not knowing where I was, dizzy, nauseous, and un-coordinated. My feet were far from my head, my intestines still hovering over the ocean.»

GRÅTT is a choreographic work deriving from the experience of stress and how it affects us mentally and physically. The piece is made for the contemporary adult, younger and older. It is designed to make the audience feel their bodies and to provoke conversation: why are so many of us stressed, out of touch? Are our experiences real or imagined, and what do our answers tell us about what it means to be a body?

For the choreographer and main performer, Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold, creating is a way of thinking, and the performance a space where the thoughts are shared. Her languages are movement, sound and text – in English.

GRÅTT happens in a raw room – empty, apart from a line of LED «neon»-strips along one side, a small silver vase and a furry curtain. The room is lonely and tense. Sounds by composer Bernt Isak Wærstad disturbs us, integrates with, and make us aware of the sounds naturally present in the room. In this unreliable space, performer Hilde I. Sandvold takes us on a troubled journey – agonizing, embarrassing and funny. She moves with intensity and speed, constantly shifting, like obsessed or paranoid. She moves through invented pains, and dense silence. She talks to us, making witty comments, and reminding us of our bodies. At one point, another dancer, Niklas Valenti, passes through the space, and offers a break, an alternative, a breath. In the vacuum he leaves behind, Hilde slowly reaches for a standstill, bringing the audience into a new kind of tension. Finally, she asks the audience to carry her out, and they do – literally or imagined.

GRÅTT offers intricate movement material and excellent performative presence. With its many sudden changes of intensity, state and modes of communication, it keeps the audience awake, and gives them a range of doors into the material and the thematics behind.



Choreographer and dancer: Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold (NO/DK),

Composer: Bernt Isak Wærstad (NO)

Dancer: Niklas Valenti (SE/IT)

Scenography and costume: KASPERSOPHIE (DK)

Lightdesign: Seth Rook Williams (UK)

Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp (DE)

Technical consultant, light: Ise Klysner Kjems (DK)

Photographer: Christoffer Brekne (DK)

Co-produced by: Bora Bora, Århus og Dansehallerne, Copenhagen.

Residencies: / DiG (NO), Theatre Sevelin 36 (CH), CSC (IT) og Studio303 (CA)

Grått is supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Kulturrådet (NO) and Bikubenfonden.

2023, 29.Sep.23, Performances