Tabula Rosa

Tabula Rosa


puppet theatre for all ages


Friday 22 September

Time: 21:00

Venue: Puppet Theatre Tiritomba

Entrance fee: 2 euros


“He wrote with such passion that he was forgotten in his room for days. We searched for him, but he had already escaped in his writings…”


A performance with puppets, with no words, being an allegory for the creation, the difficulties involved, but also the happy moments.
A writer, absorbed in his texts, shrinks and everything around him take on new dimensions. Light, shadows and sounds coexist in the microcosm of the room. What he is trying to write and why does he wake up smaller each time? A puppet show about creation, but also the fulfillment that comes through it.
A little hero with a big secret hidden in his texts and in his heart!



Script: Eugenia Tsichlia
Direction: Eugenia Tsichlia – Stathis Markopoulos
Crafts: Thanos Sioris – Eugenia Tsichlia
Lighting: Thanos Sioris
Original music score: Antonis Skamnakis
Performers: Eugenia Tsichlia, Thanos Sioris

2023, 22.Sep.23, Performances