The city’s favourite performing arts festival is entering a new era and just before the New Year it is opening a call for artists and groups for its 11th edition which will take place from 20 to 29 September 2024.

The chosen thematic for 2024 is related to PARALLEL. Starting with the shape of the number 11, Parallel invites us to think about the parallel universes of art and in particular:

  • In parallel and outside the capital with its plethora of performances, artistic forms and events, what has actually been happening? Ιn the periphery of the country, do the artistic initiatives have the same opportunities for promotion and publicity? What proposals, groups, artists outside Athens are worth shining a light?
  • In parallel and outside our country, what are the international trends in contemporary performing arts? How can the work of international artists relate to our city’s audience and its key concerns?
  • In Parallel and outside of traditional performing spaces, how does art enter the public sphere and the community?
  • Ιn parallel and among the multiple realities of today, how current events are reflected in art and how artistic creation responds to the challenges of tomorrow?

The organizers of the 11th Mill of Performing Arts issue an open call to artists and groups who wish to join us in composing the map of this year’s programme. The invitation addresses to theatre, dance, puppet theatre, music performances, poetry open mic, interartistic performances and contemporary performances, exhibitions, and workshops in the performing arts.

Priority will be given to proposals coming from the periphery (outside Athens) and to performances that include accessibility elements.

Proposals may be submitted online until 20/01/2024 at the link below:

For proposals concerning the Performing Arts on Screen (MPArt.OS) which is the section with short films and videos, the call has already been opened on the filmfreeway platform at

The 11th Mill of Performing Arts is co-organised by the Mayoralty of Culture and Sciences of the Municipality of Larissa and SMouTh.

For more information please contact:

Mill of Performing Arts:, +30 2410531778, +30 6947890412