a circle of solidarity

a circle of solidarity


Our city, Larissa has been deeply affected. Immeasurable destruction and losses and, unfortunately, an extremely bleak future.

As organisers of the festival that for ten years has been offering culture to our fellow citizens and the wider region, we feel the need to express our sorrow, our support and our solidarity with our flood-stricken neighbours.

We were quite concerned whether the city should host a performing arts festival under these circumstances. Whether it is able to host artists who will come to share with us their worlds expressed through music, dance and theatre.

After much thought and consultation, we have concluded that we want to get back to work while continuing to assist in the needs of those affected. We continue programming, believing that culture is a key pillar of our society, which must always remain active in order to provide the spiritual and mental resources that keep our communities alive and connected.

We would like to announce that, as in previous years, this year too, all income from the tickets of the Mill of Performing Arts will be donated to solidarity causes and specifically to the flood victims of Thessaly. At the same time, we appeal to both the artists and the festival audience to support the fundraising efforts. Let CIRCLE become a circle of solidarity.

If we want to preserve culture, we must continue to create it.”
Johan Huizinga