1000 FACES exhibition

1000 FACES Exhibition

Loxandra Loukas and the En En Dyami group, travel to Larissa for a unique exhibition, result of the 1000 FACES workshop, within the framework of the 8th Performing Arts Mill – TRANSITION. The project 1000 FACES – 1000 PERSONS arose from Loxandra herself, an artist with Down syndrome and a member of the group En Dynami, with the method she created and adapted to her potential with Eleni Dimopoulou. This exhibition includes portraits by Loxandra Loukas and by participants in previous 1000 FACES workshops until today. On September 18, Loxandra will hold a workshop, where she will share with the public of Larissa her own method of creating portraits, open to all ages. The exhibition will take place from 18 to 21 September, on the 2nd floor of Mill of Pappas in Larissa. The space is accessible to people with mobility disabilities. 

Admission to the exhibition and workshop is free. 

Registration for the workshop at mpart.gr/contact

18.Sep.21, 19.Sep.21, 20.Sep.21, 2021, 21.Sep.21, Exhibitions