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Friday, September 23d
Time: 21:30
Place: Mill of Pappas, 2nd floor


Nefeli Myrtidi and Christina Karagianni present their new performance at the 9th Mill of Performing Arts – SYNTHESIS on Friday 23 September at Pappa’s Mill.


| arting | is a performance that explores and represents the conditions of work and collaboration in the artistic ecosystem.

“In the stage space we design with our bodies and voices imaginary territories in which we renegotiate the familiar contexts of work and collaboration. Through embodied practices we explore the boundaries between private and working space, which often overlap and violate each other. We focus on words with ambiguous meanings such as: flexibility, availability, collaboration (plus + work), which we reproduce and readjust phonetically and physically. For the performance we use texts that we have plus + written and draw on material from rejected application emails, unanswered messages from collaborations and from our personal conversations. At the same time we incorporate and engage with the concept of time and its different rhythms.”



Text & performance: Christina Karagianni & Nefeli Mirtidi

Artwork and visual design: Christina Karagianni & Nefeli Mirtidi

Presentation photos: Christina Karagianni & Nefeli Mirtidi

With the support of Flux Laboratory Athens and Kulturprojekte Berlin


The performance is presented in the framework of the multiplier event of the European project INPACT, aiming to support artists and small artistic organizations on the challenges of socio-economic, digital, democratic and green transition.

2022, 23.Sep.22, Performances