Get Going – Part 2

Ice Away – Get Going – Part 2


dance workshop with Hilde Sandvold


Thursday 28 September
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
Venue: Mill of Pappas, 2nd floor
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A workshop of a total of 3 hours, in 2 parts.

Part one is a dance class, a physical training, focusing on the function of the body. In the class, I will share and use knowledge about balance, coordination and prevention of injury, gathered from physiotherapists, dancing and training in martial arts. We will start with a basic warmup, before crossing the floor in a session of «drills for skills» – a row of movement – patterns designed to remind our bodies of their inlaid vocabulary, ending with a practice of different forms of coordination exercises. The class aims to widen our palette, to increase the amount of physical habits we can form, and remind us of the choices available to us while in creation.

The second part of the workshop, focuses on performance and creation. An important element of my work is to define and crystallize choreographic and performative tools. In this hour and a half, I will share some of these tools, and we will explore them through guided improvisation. This workshop in particular will focus on the meeting between different realities in performance. We will look at the relation between shared reality (the room, what and who’s in it etc), and different layers of subjective realities (what something feels like, what you as a performer imagine the room being, what you imagine yourself being etc), and how creating with an awareness of «where you are at» (/which reality you are in) gives access to performative precision in your choreography.

2023, 28.Sep.23, Workshops