Thursday 28 September
Time: 21:00
Venue: TBD
Entrance: free


Lemon is an artistic model of independent research and production. At the core of its operation is the belief that “theatre exists where there are spectators”.

He travels all over Greece between land and sea to tell the story of the pianist 1900, who was born on a boat and never got off it. The narrative unfolds through contrasts in a constant transition from sea to land and from land to sea, combining laughter with emotion, joy with nostalgia, the human with the metaphysical, the real with the imaginary. Just as it happens in life itself. The play takes place at the beginning of the last century, on board the steamship Virginian, which is making the transatlantic voyage from Europe to America. A newborn baby is abandoned by its immigrant parents in a box of lemons on the tailgate piano in the first-class ballroom. The sailor who finds him gives him his own name: Danny Boodman and together they nickname him T.D. Lemon – from the box of lemons – and 1900 – from the year he found him. The sailor who found him dies and 1900 is orphaned, for the second time. On the ship, our now adult hero of the story meets his one and only friend, trumpeter Tim Tunney. The latter constantly urges him to go ashore in order to harness his talent and live a ‘normal’ life. But 1900 decides to stay forever in the arms of “Mother Sea”. Are you afraid to get off the ship you were born on?



Creator: Alessandro Baricco
Performed by: Melachrinos Veletzas, Giorgos Drivas
Duration: 70′

2023, 28.Sep.23, Performances