Moving Earthlings

Ice Away – Moving Earthlings


dance workshop with Caroline Blomqvist


Thursday 28 September

Time: 17.00 – 18.30

Venue: Mill of Pappas, 2nd floor

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Moving Earthlings is a workshop with dancing as the main language. By bringing our bodies through a series of warm up in body, mind and soul consisting of
sweat, brain dumps and heartbeats, the participants are connecting to themselves and others. This holistic approach allows to check in with our bodies and boundaries as an intuitive compass. From this place of awareness, choreographic maps in the room are created as a result of improvisational scores and playfulness. We dance alone, yet together and learn recycled “guilty pleasure” phrases as a way of healing and moving our communities by shifting to focus on what we long for and love. This workshop requires a kinesthetic understanding, and is open to any moving body. Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a notebook and pen.


2023, 28.Sep.23, Workshops