Maraki farted (PREMIER)

Maraki farted 

“Maraki farted” is a modular show based on 5 short stories by Lena Kitsopoulou. Six women tell five hard stories with protagonist the holy Greek family. With a unique setting of 6 school chairs and 1 desk – reference points for their childhood years from where it all started – Seven Sisters are experimenting with the concepts of improvised, handmade, ever changing and minimal. 

A few words about the artists: 

Seven Sisters was created in March 2020 by 5 women who had already met at the Physical Theater Workshop of Costas Filippoglou and decided for the first time to make something of their own, a show that will talk about all those who bullied them as children and that eventually have shaped and continue to shape them to this day. The first lockdown violently interrupted their time, but in October 2020 they met again, with great stubbornness and appetite and with two more “sisters”. The group arose from the deepest need of these 7 women to meet other women and talk about what has been eating them for years. With their capacity as performers and with the tool of female solidarity, they challenge “this is a man’s world”, take power from their bodies, spit in a patriarchy that wants them weak and alone, build an environment of them for them and communicate through the art of theater the reality of 7 little girls who became women in a hostile environment. 

Text: Lena Kitsopoulou 

Contributors: Christina Andreakou, Panagiota Varela, Eleni Gioura, Andromachi Makridou, Maria Sareli, Giota Seremeti and Vana Sleiman 

Duration: 90 minutes 

2021, 22.Sep.21, Performances