The Little Everything

The Little Everything – SMouTh COMBO
Friday 16/09/2022
time: 21:00

B΄ Ancient Theater of LarissaThe 2nd Ancient Theater of Larissa, holds for the first time one of the performance of the 9th Mill of Performing Arts.

The Combo group of Synergy of Music Theatre (SMouTh) presents the project “The Little Everything” (To Mikro Pan) with the participation of 30 young performers who compose a multi-faceted project full of rhythm, movement, speech, images and music in search of “everything” in the smallest, feasible, free version of them in a deconstructed environment with a unique resource of their history.

The project is the result of experimentation and research by the group itself within the framework of the Spiritus Loci (Erasmus+) project with the aim of reinterpreting cultural heritage.

The performance is co-organised by the Prefecture of Thessaly and held in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa

Directed by: Despina Bounitsi, Thanasis Saliambouchos
Choreography: Athina Manoli, Despina Bounitsi
Music: Filippos Zoukas, Giorgos Gallos
Video editing: Yannis Hatziantoniou, Penelope Brachou
Lighting: Yannis Hatziantoniou
Musicians-co-creators: Giorgos Gallos, Filippos Zoukas, Christos Kakariaris, Eleni Kyprioti, Billy Prim, Michalis Sampanis, Giorgos Tziras
Performed by: Anna-Maria Anifanti, Ioanna Giannakopoulou, Katerina Goula, Georgia Kollyra, Haido Kolitsa, Stefanos Koutsomarkos, Zoe Kollas, Eleni Kyriazopoulou, Natalia Liasidis, Apostolos Lygdas, Natasa Pantelidou, Jeni Rapti, Lydia Pantziou, Konstantina Papageorgiou, Christos Papageorgiou, Daf Samaras, Antonia Trikaliotis, Giorgos Tziras, Marialena Tsiamoura, Maria Tsirikoglou, Lampros Fouloulis, Periklis Hastalis

Reservation information on the phones: +30 2410531778, +30 6947890412

16.Sep.22, 2022, Performances