physical theatre workshop

Gozde Atalay – physical theatre workshop

Saturday and Sunday 17 & 18 September, 10:00-13:30
Mill of Pappas, 2nd floor, multipurpose hall

This two-day seminar is aimed at all those involved in the Performing Arts, Adult and Youth Education and Therapy, as well as anyone who would like to embark on a personal journey of “discovery”.
In this workshop we will awaken our embodied imagination, playfulness, perception, simplicity and spontaneity. We will free ourselves from fears and moods of self-criticism through play, improvisations, physical exercises, group songs, relaxation, alertness and rhythm exercises. It will be a creative process of getting in touch with our hidden unlivable qualities while developing a playful relationship with them. The red nose, the world’s smallest mask, freeing us from the shackles of “I”, will trigger the emergence of our clown and the simultaneous development of his stage presence, projection, rhythm and relationship with the audience.

Applications for this workshop are closed.

17.Sep.22, 18.Sep.22, 2022, Workshops