Traveling with Roma Tales

Traveling with Roma Tales


Sunday, 19 September 2021 | 20:00

Storytelling of gypsy tales from various places and camps in Greece, accompanied by music and songs which initiate a trip to this mysterious world of the Roma. Stories that move us take us on a journey through the myths and traditions of the Gypsies, along side with music that gives ascension to the soul and takes us with them on this eternal journey of the gypsy caravans. 

Few words about the artist: 

Four years ago, Christina Vraka created the music-narrative project “TRAVEL WITH ME”. She searched for stories and folk tales from all over the world for young and old audience, she searched for music from all over the world, she researched the stories from which they’ve been created and she traveled to Greece as a narrator accompanied by musicians and brought to life those stories that had been forgotten because no one was found to share them. This is how the show “TRAVEL ME TO THE EAST” came about in the course of my journey, based on folk tales from the depths of the East and music of the East and of our tradition. At the same time, the show “JOURNEY WITH A CHILD” was born based on fairy tales from around the world for children. And lastly, from the group “Trio Travel with me” consisting of the actress – narrator Christina Vraka and the musicians Alexis Konstantinou and George Katsara on kanonaki and percussions, was born the show “Traveling with Roma fairy tales” based on gypsies from various parts of Greece. 

Conception and creation: Christina Vraka 

Musicians: Alexis Konstantinou, George Katsaras 

Duration: 90΄ 

19.Sep.21, 2021, Performances