Self-made animated sculptures on stage that capture in their absence millions of stories of glorious heroism and proud insignificance. What is the role of a wooden board in a choreographic work? Thing, stage object or part of the choreography? How do the malleable materiality of the body interact with the rigid material of wood? What can eventually emerge from their stage “partnership” in relation to the production of kinetic materials and the way we interpret or give meaning to what is codified in the language of dance? The first choreographic collaboration between Candy Carra and Chara Kotsali works like a pun; evolving before our eyes. 

Few words about the artists: 

Candy Carra and Chara Kotsali, work for the first time in a joint choreographic composition. Their materials are found in the work produced by the dancing body, in pure movement – without the requirements of a narrative format that would force us to read their stage coexistence symbolically. The release from such interpretive mechanisms focuses more on the “how” of the process than on the explanation; that is, they urge us to think that if there is “meaning” in the dance, then it is found in the dance itself. 


  • Choreography & Performance: Candy Carra & Chara Kotsali 
  • Design and Construction of Scenes & Objects: Chrysoula Korovesi, Marios Gambierakis 
  • Lighting Design: Eliza Alexandropoulou 
  • Landscape & Music Composition: Jeph Vanger

19.Sep.21, 2021, Performances