Your Journey

Your Journey


photography exhibition


from 22 September to 01 October 2023, 19:00 – 20:00

Mill of Pappas, Ground floor


Every life is a journey, but not all journeys are the same. Based on this basic idea, the photography and storytelling workshops of the international consortium YOUR JOURNEY of young people with refugee backgrounds and local young people in Larissa, Bolzano/IT, Amsterdam and Berlin were set up and implemented. The exhibition is the footprint of the workshops travelling through the 4 countries of the project, presenting photos and stories of the participants on the theme of “feeling at home”.

On Friday 22 September at 19:00, at the opening of the exhibition, the results of the YOUR JOURNEY research will also be presented, as well as the educational tools developed and tested by the partners in mixed groups.

Teachers, artists and workers in shelters with a refugee population who are interested in attending the opening of the exhibition and learning about the results of the project can fill in the registration form below:


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