The Strongest Man in The World

The strongest Man in The World / Skinovatis-Ekfrasi

youth dance theatre


Sunday 25 September

Time: 21:00

Venue: Kostas Tsianos Theatre

Entrance: 2 euros


Based on the original story by Dimitris Basslam, the teenage contemporary dance and theatre groups of the Skenovatis-Expression stage a stage poem that refers to contemporary social crises with immediacy and vitality. How do modern people react to difficulty? With what forces do we face the threat?

Music, movement, speech and the energy of a teenage group make up a dreamlike journey that, without hesitating to highlight bitter truths, illuminate tomorrow…


Directed by Katerina Bekou

Choreography: Athena Manoli

Text adaptation: Katerina Bekou, Apostolis Lygdas

Piano: Dimitris Paschalidis

Art Direction: Eleni Kalampaliki


Pre-sale: Connectiva, Venizelou 133, daily 10:00-13:00 and at the festival venues, 45 minutes before the start of each event

Information: 2410531778, 6947890412

2022, 25.Sep.22, Performances