Goutou Goupatou

Goutou Goupatou – En Dynami

inclusive theatre performace


Thursday, 22/09/2022

Time: 20:00

Venue: Kostas Tsianos Theatre

Entrance fee: 2 euros


The beloved for the city of Larissa inclusive theatre group “En Dynami” present their new performance at the 9th Mill of Performing Arts-SYNTHESIS, co-organized by SMouTh and the Mayoralty of Culture and Sciences of Larissa.

In the performance “Goutou Goupatou” (Thursday 22/09 at 20:00, Kostas Tsianos Theatre), the group presents a theatrical form that combines elements of narrative and music. The six-member troupe of the group En Dynami, consisting of 2 actors with disabilities and 4 actors without disabilities, narrates Papadiamantis’ short story as a whole, while maintaining the language of his writing.

An imaginary journey to a distant time. A story that once began and never set closure. A journey into a society that now seems dead. But a story about nowadays society, now that it is alive. A dive into the microcosm of Manolios, of Tapois, a man who was stoned by the dudes at the market, mocked by the neighborhood girls, feared by toddlers and infants. Manolios is a disabled man, carrying the stigma of being different. In his small community, he becomes the center of an entire culture. Relationships of exploitation and mockery intertwine with tenderness and affection, weirdness and wonder. Each person carries with them prejudices, archetypes, entrenched ideas, and thoughts. Where do they lead us? How did these define and shape the world Papadiamantis created? How can these lead to the edge and make a new start again? Written 100 years ago, we, humans, still carry prejudices on our shoulders. Are we trying to dismiss them? Or do we close our eyes in the hope that everything is all in the past?


Pre-sale: Connectiva, Venizelou 133, daily 10:00-13:00 and at the festival venues 45 minutes before the start of each performance.

The 9th Mill of Performing Arts is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.



Artistic direction: Eleni Dimopoulou

Direction: George-Zisis Bilionis 

Dramaturgy: Giota Kouitzoglou

Original music: Kostas Vomvolos

Scenography: Evangelia Kirkine

Lighting and stage design: Richard Anthony

Music teaching: Maria Chela

Assistant Director: Agapi Theodoridou-Kounini

Photos-Video: Sophia Kyrina, Sophia Konstantinidou

Poster – printed & digital material: Faethon Vandoros

Production organization: Sofia Kyrina, Eleni Dimopoulou

Performers (alphabetically): Ilias Kougioumtzis, Loxandra Loukas, Panagiotis Matziris, Sophia Bletsou, Michalis Dolopoulos, Haris Serdari

2022, 22.Sep.22, Performances