Body Percussion Workshop

Music/ Sound / Body Percussion – with Filippos Zoukas (SMouTh)



Tuesday & Thursday 20 & 22 September, 15:00-17:00 (with open presentation 23/09)

Mill of Pappas, 2nd floor, Amphitheatre


The workshop is addressed to all those who want to experiment, improvise and compose by exploring the sounds produced by the human body without excluding the use of musical instruments or simple everyday objects. No previous experience in the performing arts (e.g. music-dance-theatre) is required. A willingness to create and comfortable clothing/shoes are essential.

The results of this workshop will be presented to the audience as a short musical performance on Friday 23 September at 21.00.


A few words about Filippos Zoukas:

He is born in Larissa in 1986. He is a graduate of the Music School of Larissa and holds the degrees of Harmony, Counterpoint and Byzantine Music. He is a member of ”SMouTh” (Synergy of Music Theatre) since 2009, participating as a music composer and performer in natioanl, European and international productions (“EUtropia”, “Verfluechtigung”, “L”, “Fili”, “Politeia”, “Paramyfiko”), as well as in European research projects concerning the accessibility of performing arts and the aesthetics of accessibility. He is instructor in the creative workshops of SMouTh and member of the band “Hidden in the Basement”.

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